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Newsweek, Times, Financial Times and other int'l newspapers are sold in shopping complex Metrograd, under the crossing of Khreshatyk and Shevchenko Boulevard and at the exit towards Arena.

Kyiv Post
Free weekly newspaper covering politics,business and events in Ukraine. Available in bars, cafes and restaurants.

Ukrainian Journal
Daily electronic newspaper - latest news from Ukraine in English. is the website for Ukrainian Journal, the leading English-language daily newsletter covering breaking political and business news from Ukraine.

Classic news and information but also witty views on local events be it politics, expats or culture. Free, in restaurants and bars.

What's On
Free weekly magazine about happenings in Kiev.

Action Ukraine Report
An International Free Newsletter, The Latest, Up-To-Date In-Depth Ukrainian News, Analysis and Commentary. If you would like to read the ACTION UKRAINE REPORT- AUR, around five times a week, please send your name, country of residence and e-mail contact information to

10 Days
Printed media in English and German. Twice per month.


Call 568-18-88
With Volia you can get channels such as Discovery, Viasat, TV 1000, Hallmark, Euronews, CNN, BBC, Cartoon Network, VH1, MTV, Fashion TV and others. The package of all avilable channels costs 81 UAH per month. You will need to check if your house can be connected, if so, they provide a receiver and set your TV up. You can choose the language with your remote control.

Home Cinema
Call 459 22 67
Home Cinema offers satellite and digital TV with various packages including Sky Digital and Israeli, French and German TV. Their website is in English, gives prices and you can place an order there. With Home Cinema you can watch programs such as CNN, FoxNews, Sky One, Discovery, National Geographic, Hallmark, The History Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Sky Cinema and more. Sky package from $1000.

Gala Radio 100.00 FM local and world music
Love Radio 95.2 FM love songs 24/7
Star FM 99.4 FM dance music
Prosto Radio 102.5 FM world music
Radio Rock 103.6 FM rock music
Russian Radio 98.5 FM talk shows and music
The Voice of America 105 FM Ukrainian/world news
Nashe Radio 107.9 FM Ukrainian music
Kiss FM 106.5 FM dance music
Renaissance 96.8 FM jazz music
Hit Radio 96.4 FM pop music
Melodia 101.1 FM oldies and jazz
Shanson 101.9 FM oldies
Nostalgie 99 FM oldies (50-90s)
NRJ 104.6 FM pop music
BBC FM 96 96 FM BBC services about Ukraine

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