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Local Cuisine Restaurants in Kiev
Try the region's specialities. Surely, you will start with a visit to a Ukrainian venue and get a Chicken Kiev or Varenniky but if you are staying a little longer, you might want to try what the neighbours have to offer - Russian Pelmene or maybe something delicious from Georgia.
European Cuisine Restaurants in Kiev
Missing home or overdosed on Borsch soup? Pick a restaurant serving some delicious Italian pasta, French culinary specialty with good wine, a chunky German schnitzel, Czech dumplings, Belgian pea soup or anything else from across Europe. There is a lot of venues to choose from.
American Cuisine Restaurants in Kiev
There is quite a good selection of restaurants for all lovers of steaks, burgers, french fries, fajitas and other specialties from the American continent - American, Mexican, and Latino.
Asian Cuisine Restaurants in Kiev
Forget forks and knives and polish up your skills with the sticks - Kiev features plenty of Asian restaurants serving excellent Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean and Thai food.
Sushi in Kiev
Looking for something light and healthy? There is a growing number of sushi venues in Kiev. In some you can enjoy sushi until early hours, in others you can spend a nice afternoon watching a movie while you eat. Several sushi restaurants also offer delivery.
Pizza in Kiev
There are many pizzerias in Kiev. Some of them are cosy restaurants appropriate for a nice lunch or dinner, others are more of a fast food service for a quick snack. Kiev may not be the place where they serve the best pizza but there are a few venues really worth visiting. Delivery is offered by a few of them too.
Fast Food Restaurants in Kiev
Too busy or starved for a calories bomb? There is much more to fast food than McDonald's in Kiev. Ukrainians are actually very inventive in this field and you can have traditional Ukrainian food served fast or try a baked potato with special fillings, pancakes and other quick and cheap meals.
Business Lunch in Kiev
Need to eat well, quickly and for a good price? Easy - just pick a restaurant near your office or some venue suitable for a business meeting and order business lunch. There is usually a choice of two or more combinations that include soup, main course, salad and a drink. Check our list to see where and when to go. Lunches are served from Mon - Fri.

Cost per person
$ = 5 -10 USD
$$ = 10 - 20 USD
$$$ = 20 - 50 USD
$$$$ = over 50 USD

Discount Card
CB = Carte Blanche
KK = Kozyrna Karta
MK = Mirova Karta
PP = Pass Paradis
RR = Rostick Restaurants

Kozyrnaya Karta
discounts from 10%

Mirovaya Karta
discounts from 10%

Carte Blanche
discounts from 10%

Pass Paradis
discounts from 5%

Rosticks Restaurants
discounts from 5%

For detailed information about restaurants in Kiev check the Lasoon website.
Click on the picture to open it.

If you are very interested in food, you might like the TUCC Conoisseur Club. Check out their website for more information.

Tip 10% of your bill if you were satisfied. If you were not happy, the staff will most likely not do much about it so don't leave anything.


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