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Good to know
Calling emergency and other phone numbers will require some knowlegde of Russian/Ukrainian. The international code for Ukraine is +380 and Kiev is 44. To see how to make calls to and from Ukraine please go to communication. For more help and information about medical emergencies first aid and hospitals please see the healthcare page. If you have an emergency with documents or stolen belongings try to contact your embassy or consulate, see the visas page for addresses.

Information Lines
Central Post Office 065
Phone directory 009
Address directory 061
Exact time 060
Weather forecast 001
Telegrams 066
Intercity calls 811, 813
International calls 8191 to 8195
Long Distance Calls 079
Transport Enquiries
Kiev railway station 005
Kiev central bus station 250 9986
Kiev Boryspol Airport 296 7243
Kiev Zhyulyany Airport 242 2308
Bus tickets booking 211 3933
Kiev river port 416 1268
Train tickets booking 811, 813
Airtickets booking 056, 085
Kiev taxi central 058

Fire 01
Police 02
Ambulance 03
Gas 04
Water 057
Electricity 057
Elevator 086

Doctor's advice 083
Hospitalized patients 003
Pharmacy infoline 067
Vet ambulance 243 7241

Informations 059
Lost & Found 229 7844
Lost & Found Metro 226 3809
Lost & Found Trams 291 0406
Locksmith 456 9444

Bird Flu situation in Ukraine
There is currently no serious threat in Ukraine. The Ukrainian health minister warned some time ago that Ukraine might be struck by bird flu on a larger scale. The virus spread originally in Crimea by migrating birds. The ministry stated they are making preparations for a potential outbreak including evacuation of people. The Ukrainian autonomy of Crimea was hit with a bird flu outbreak in November 2005. According to official data, laboratory tests have confirmed bird flu cases in 23 locations in the autonomy and more than 150,000 domestic fowl have so far been culled in 40 locations around the Crimean peninsula. More information is available on the WHO website.

Other threats
There is no specific threat or need for vaccination when you travel to Ukraine. The country struggles to provide proper care for HIV infected persons which at the moment receive little or no help. The crime rate in Kiev especially is very low. Beware of leaving your belogings hanging or lying unattended in restaurants as such thefts are quite common. Lately, there were a few race-related attacks, one aimed at a Jewish man, another against a person from Latin America. In general, avoid strolling around suburbs at night and Khreshatyk late in the evening when there is some event as people there get very drunk.


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