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To call abroad from your home phone, let alone your mobile might be quite costly. Most people use the prepaid phone cards that you can buy on the street or at post offices and kiosks. To find the best card we'd recommend asking the guys who sell them on the street because different cards have different rates for each country so it is best to say where you want to call and they'll advise you. In any event, here is how to dial abroad without a card:

Calling Abroad
dial 810
dial country code
dial city code
dial number
calling from Kiev to Prague
Czech Republic code +420
Prague code 2
dial 810 420 2xx xx xx
Calling to Ukraine
dial int'l calling code
dial 380 (Ukraine)
dial city code
dial number
calling from Prague to Kiev
Ukraine code +380
Kiev code 44
dial 00380 44 xxx xx xx
Calling within Ukraine
dial 8 for intercity
wait for tone
dial city code
dial number
calling from Kiev to Kharkov
intercity code 8
Kharkov code 0572
dial 8 0572 xx xx xx


Here are the leading mobile operators in Ukraine. Kyivstar and UMC are the strongest and well established in Ukraine. Roaming is available from all operators, for contract customers comes automatically. Top up cards available at street stands, kiosks and at the operators' stores.

Kyivstar's prepaid service Ace & Base offers cards for 25, 50, 100 or 300 UAH. Starter pack and the cards are available in any Kyivstar or mobile phones shop. To sign a contract you'll need to go to the shop and bring your passport, payments start at 200 UAH for set up and from 5 UAH a month.

UMC's prepaid service SimSim offers cards for 30, 60 or 120 UAH available in all UMC shops. Contracts start from 40 UAH a month. There is also the Unlimited tariff where you pay 600 UAH a month and than call as much as you want. Bring your passport to sign up for a contract.

A relatively new GSM operator which enjoys major success. They offer all types of subscription from prepaid cards to business contracts. With Magnificent Three service you can select 3 life:) numbers to make calls, SMS and MMS at special price. Flat tariff offers the same minute price to all national directions. Life:) world tariff plan is for subscribers wanting roaming in 465 networks in 181 countries. Connections like WiFi and EDGE.

The latest arrival on the Ukrainian market of mobile operators. You won't miss the adverisement in the city - anything with yellow and black stripes, the 'bee colors', is them. Beeline is a major operator in Russia.


The life:) mobile network operator will be happy to make your stay in Ukraine a more convenient one. Our world standard innovative services combined with the widest EDGE coverage in Ukraine will ensure that you always stay connected with colleagues and loved ones.

For manual selection of the life:) network, access the network selection settings through your mobile telephone's menu and choose one of the following life:) network codes:

UKR 06 UA ASTELIT 255 06 life:)

Dial "+" + country code + area code + telephone number.
For international calls you may also dial 810 instead of "+"

You can use GPRS roaming by life:) to access Internet / WAP, check your email and send MMS messages.

Tourist information: 5550
Emergency service: 112
life:) Call Center: +38 063 5433 111 (open 24/7)


Broadband connection
To set up broadband connection call the customer service and ask if they have coverage in your building. If connection is possible choose a tariff and book a time for the technicians to come and install it. The tariffs start at 20 UAH and there are various packages including local and international traffic. There are seasonal discounts when you can get the modem for 1 UAH, otherwise the fee is about 500 UAH. It takes about 3 working days for the order to get through and the technicians to come, the set up takes no longer than an hour.

Volia Broadband
To order call 541 90 40. The line works from 8:00 till 21:00 every day.

IP Telecom
Lesi Ukrainky 34, phone 238 89 89

Through phone line
To connect via your fixed line, buy a pre-paid card at the same places as you buy phone cards. There are several companies providing this service - IP Telecom, Svit Online etc. There is a code on the card which you will use to log on - usually you get 10 minutes for free to set up your new account on their homepage, after that, you log off and back in again with your new login and password and ca start surfing. This type of connection, however, not only blocks your phone line, it is also very slow. The cards start at $2.

Post offices
Post offices across Ukraine also have Internet access, Kiev central post office on Maydan Nezalezhnosti works non-stop.


Art Club 44
Kreshatyk 44, Kiev

Himalaya Restaurant
Kreshatyk 23, Kiev
open 12:00 - 23:00

Rukola Restaurant
Naberezhne Shose 6, Kiev
open 11:00 - 24:00

Shanti Tea Room
Bessarabka Square 2, Kiev
open 24 hours

Stradivari restaurant
Kreshchatyk 14, Kiev
open 10:00 - last customer

Radisson SAS
Yaroslaviv Val 22, Kiev

Vesuvio Pizza
Reytarska 25, Kiev
Shevchenko 2, Kiev


DHL Head Office
Vasilkivska 1, Kiev
+38044 490 2600

Express centers
Pushkinska 42/4, Kiev
+38044 490 2600

UTA Travel Agency
Pushkinska 9, Kiev
+38044 536 1536

Ivana Franko 40b, Kiev
+38044 238 6985

Hotel Rus
Hospitalna 4, Kiev
+38044 294 3849

Hotel President Kievski
Hospitalna 12, Kiev
+38044 220 7231

Phone: 212 3740
Delivers packages and
documents in Kiev

Phone: 495 2020
Federal express makes deliveries worldwide. To call a courier for a pick up or to obtain more information about prices call

Phone: 207 0770
Offers express, global and economy deliveries to 75 countries worldwide

A price example:
Sending a document envelope up to 500 grams to Prague costs 300 UAH.

Sending a package up to 500 grams to London costs 370 UAH.


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