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Kiev Supermarkets

Gorkogo 50, Kiev (8.30-23.00)
You can get anything here, toiletries, perfumes, dishes, stationery, flowers and of course food. There is a special department for baby food, clothes, toys and accessories. Large wine selection and very good prices. Delivery 10 UAH (order online or by phone) or spend over 500 Hrn and get delivery free.

Mandarin Plaza, Basseyna 4, nonstop
This supermarket is clearly focused on foreigners stocking many imported items. The prices here are slightly higher than in Mega Market and the choice is not as big but then the shop is smaller and central. If you're looking for something hard to find, try here. Online shop or phone orders with delivery for 10 UAH or buy over 300 UAH and get it free.

Books in English and other languages

Baboon Book & Coffee Shop
Khmelnytskogo 39b, Kiev
A very pleasant place with loads of books. Majority is in Russian or Ukrainian but they do have plenty of books in English too. You can get used books or exchange those you bought here as well. Especially when the weather's not great Baboon is very cosy so you can sit down with your new purchases, sip a coffee or have some food. There is music in evenings and especially on weekend foreigners or various language clubs meet here.

Tolstogo 11/61, Kiev
Litera, ealier called Bukva on Tolstogo street has a choice of textbooks and dictionaries in English, German and other languages. Now the Bukva in Globus Shopping centre seems to be better and bigger but the one on Tolstoho has a cosy little cafe in the basement. They sell videos, magazines and have a lot of materials for students of Russian.

GLOBE - we recommend
Metrograd Shopping Complex, Kiev
Just under the crossing of Khreshatyk and Shevchenko. Great choice of English books of all genres, teaching and learning materials and other. Pleasant small shop with pleasant service. All books in English.

English books, magazines, teaching materials, university books are available and you can also have them delivered from Orfey Ukraine. And with a website in English.

Kiev Shopping malls

TIP: On Sundays most shops offer a 5% discount

Globus Shopping Complex at Independence Square
You'll find many familiar brands like Esprit, Springfiled, Timberland, Swatch or Baskin Robbins and can shop for pretty much anything. Books, clothes, shoes, cosmetics etc. When you're done, there's a cafe in one of the cupolas with a nice view on Maydan.

Kiev Metrograd Shopping Complex
Lva Tolstoho, Khreshatyk, Krasnoarmyiska
Metrograd stretches from Lva Tolstoho square to Khreshatyk with many turns and corridors. You can shop for clothes, shoes, furniture,toiletries, books, souvenirs and there are pharmacies, wrapping services, sunbeds and much more. There is a resaturant complex with all local fast foods as well.

Mandarin Plaza, Baseyna 4, Kiev
Probably the fanciest shopping mall in Kiev now with a non stop supermarket with parking and shops like Mont Blanc, Baldessarini, Max Mara and similar.

Tsum, B. Khmelnytskogo 2, Kiev
Tsum is a typical department store with everything you need on 5 floors for reasonable prices.

Arena Citi, Bessarabka Square, Kiev
Stores like Villeroy & Boch, Brocard and others are located in the recently opened Arena Citi.

Kiev Markets

Petrovka, metro stop Petrovka
Petrovka is most popular for CDs, DVDs and videos (from 15 UAH). The DVDs are illegal and lately the quality is very bad or they don't work at all. The music CDs are ok. On Petrovka you can buy meat, fish, vegetables and other groceries, shoes, clothes, sunglasses, computer programs, books, Soviet memorabilia, souveniers etc. The market is closed on Mondays.

Besarabka, Bessarabka Square
Bessarabka offers all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, seafood, fish, caviar, spices and flowers. The sales people will lure you and drag you to try and buy their stuff. The range of goods is impressive; especially imported fruits are very overpriced.

Flea Market on metro Nivki
On Saturday mornings a regular flea market, last Saturday of the month is interesting as vendors from the whole Ukraine come.

Pet market on Frunze 172
Works om 09:00-17:00. Best come on Saturday and Sunday, the market is closed on Monday.

Expo Plaza on Salyutna 2b
There is an antiques market every Saturday.

Clothes from Ukrainian designers

Ukrainian company producing men's clothes of high quality and very reasonable price. Nice suits of all colors, shapes and sizes and many accessories. Try the following stores or visit to find more shops or details.

Voronin Classic & Voronin Sport
Department store Tsum
B. Khmelnytskoo 2, Kiev
3rd floor

Voronin Exclusive
Krasnoarmiyska 14, Kiev

Gorkovo 4/6, Kiev
Ukrainian company producing clothes for women. High quality and again really affordable. Lovely dresses, tops, suits and more. One store in Kiev and 13 other countrywide.


On Andryivski Spusk
During weekends painters and craftsmen gather here and become skilled street vendors. Paintings, jewellery, pottery and of course also the symbols of the Soviet Era such as big furry hats, old watch and medals decorated with the omnipresent red star etc. More information about Andryivski Spusk in sightseeing.

In Tsum
In the Central Department Store on Khreshatyk. take the escalators to the first floor and you'll come up to the right place. There is stand with souveniers including the local shirts, matryoshkas and other items.

On Khreshatyk
Right from Grand Gallery Mall. Ukrainian crafts, pots, ceramics, national symbols and other little decorative pieces. Friendly prices.


Cigar House Fortuna
cigars and other smoking devices
Basseyna 10, Kiev

wine boutique
Stolychnoe Shose 70, Kiev

Belle Epoque
Andriyvsky Uzviz 34, Kiev

several gift shops in one place are to be found in Metrograd, the Gift section. Entrance from the side of Arena Citi.

All region DVD player
Something we're all looking for..In shopping mall Ukraina there is an electronics store that offers DVD players from Supra - a cheap Asian brand. It is the cheapest and best DVD player available as it plays anything you feed it. Shopping Mall Ukraina is on Pobedy Square.


The most popular shop for luxury cosmetics. Brands: Dior, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Stendhal, Collistar, Clinique, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Yves Saint Lauren and many others. The best stocked store is in Arena Citi - entrance from inside Arena or from Krasnoarmyiska Street. Another Brocard is in Mandarin Plaza on Basseyna Street, in Globus shopping Center and on Krasnoarmyiska Street about 20 meters down from Tolstogo Square. Beware - often they do not have the items you want in stock, only on display. Discount cards for loyal customers from 5 to 20% depending on how much you spend.

Another shop with exclusive cosmetics brands is to be found on Horodetskogo Street, just a few steps past Fellini restaurant.

Very much the same offer as in Brocard or L'Escale - the store is on Khmelnitskogo Street, opposite the Tsum department store, in other words a minute walk from Khreshatyk.

Tsum Department Store
Tsum on Khreshatyk offers exclusive brands as well as L'Oreal and other normal priced cosmetics.


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