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Good to know
Make sure you have some decent insurance for your trip or stay. Medical help in life threatening situations is free and provided to anyone but regular expenses you'll have to cover yourself. No special vaccination is needed for travel to Ukraine. Don't drink tap water in Ukraine, buy safe bottled water. Bring your prescription medicines with you. Unless in emergency, contact the hospital beforehand to get an appointment. You will need some Russian/Ukrainian initially.


Let's hope not but for ambulance call 03 or Medikom or Boris. You will most likely need to pay cash at the hospital and then claim the amount from your insurance company. The prices are reasonable at Boris (around 30 USD per visit) and Medikom but can stretch to a few hundred dollars per visit at for example the American Medical Centers. From our own experience we can say it is worth paying more at AMC rather than going to Boris. We were never happy with the diagnostics and suggested treatment which usually includes a lot of antibiotics to treat anything.

Krasnoarmyiska 55a, Kiev
Phone: 238 0000
Offers 24 hours first aid and consultations with specialists such as psychologist, neurologist, orthopedists, dermatologists and others. Credit cards are accepted.

Kondratyuka 8, Kiev
Phone: 055, 234 0303
Offers 24 hours first aid and consultations with specialists. Pharmacy on site. Credit cards are accepted.

American Medical Centers
Berdychivska 1, Kiev
Phone: 490 7600
Offers 24 hours first aid and consultations with specialists such as psychologist, neurologist, orthopedists, dermatologists and others. Pharmacy on site. Credit cards are accepted.


Ukrainian German Clinic
Krasnoarmyiska 67/7, Kiev
Phone: 289 4435
Offers consultations with specialists by appointment, open Mo-Fri 08:00 - 20:00, Sat 08:00 - 18:00, Sun 08:00 - 15:00.

Omega Kiev
Vladimirskaya 81
Phone: 287 3317
Private gynecologic, obstetric and urology clinic for out-patient treatments. Credit cards accepted, English not spoken.

Isida Clinic
Ivana Lepse 65
Phone: 251 2101
Private obstetric-gynecological clinic for out/in patient care. Pre-natal and post-natal care, births, IVF treatments. English spoken.


24-Hour Pharmacy
Bessarabka Square 7, Kiev (right from TGI Friday's), Phone: 235 3856
A nonstop pharmacy on the ground floor and a cosmetic shop on the first floor. Products of Vichy, Galenic and other brands for the lowest price and best service we've found. Offers also diagnostic, consultancy, delivery. Pharmacy works round the clock, the cosmetic shop is open from 9:00 till 21:00 every day.

English-friendly Pharmacy
Shevchenko Boulevard 36a, Kiev, Phone: 235 40 35
They speak English and they also have a delivery service round the clock. Minimum order is 50 UAH, delivery is 8 UAH. The pharmacy is open from 8:00 to 21:00 seven days a week. This is also a pharmacy of hormonal medication. Some prescriptions are only filled in these pharmacies.

Homeopathic pharmacies
Rusanivsky Blvd. 3, Kiev, Phone: 555-3986
Gogolevska 37/2, Kiev, Phone: 216 9411

Where to get your medication
To find the nearest pharmacy that stocks what you need call Pharmacy Information on 067, give them your address and the medication name. To find out what is the local equivalent of your medication prescribed in another country or to find out if it is sold here call Nasha Apteka ('our pharmacy'). They also have a delivery service. Open from 7:00 to 23:00 every day, phone: 574 69 22, 574 6888, 576 69 46. Both services in Russian/Ukrainian only.


Anna Dent
Krasnoarmyiska 106, Kiev
Phone: 529 88 91
All dental services

Sahaydachnoho 32, Kiev
Phone: 462 5601
all dental services, modern equipment good service

Pymonenka 10a, Kiev
Phone: 482 0468

Krutoy Spusk 6/2, Kiev
Phone: 235 5500
All dental services

Prospekt Pobedy 30, Kiev
Phone: 236 7084


Most likely you will take out insurance in your country before your trip. If you're staying in Ukraine for a long time you'll probably get an insurance plan from your employer. If not, you can buy insurance for about 70 UAH per month from PROsto.

O.Gonchara 65, Kiev
tel: +380 (44) 2386818
fax: +380 (44) 2062884

A foreign insurance company with plans specifically for expatriates is Goodhealth. They are more costly but cover expenses in any hospital, you can purchase the insurance online and choose from a variety of covers to suit you best. Visit the Goodhealth website for more details.


Taking Pets From Ukraine
To take your pet from Ukraine you must obtain two certificates:
A certificate of good health and vaccinations
The final animal export certificate.
The health and vaccinations certificate have to be obtained within 3 days of your departure. It may be obtained at the government owned veterinary station only(Pechersk Vet Station or Vet Station on Volynska Street). The cost is approximately 35 UAH. Your animal has to have a rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to departure in order to receive this certificate. The final certificate must be obtained at Borispol Airport. The veterinary check station is located in the room with the sign "VETERINARY INSPECTION" on the second floor. (If you have an early flight, knock loudly - the vet may be sleeping!). The fee is approximately $5 - $7.

Flying with a pet
Many major airlines now allow passengers to carry on small pets if they are transported in cages that fit under the seat. There is of course an extra charge. If your animal or its cage is too large to fit under an airline seat, then they will be transported in a pressurized section of the baggage area. Check this in time.

Food and Accessories

Basseyna Street, inside the Mandarin Plaza/Arena City complex. They are open non stop.

Mega Market
Gorkovo Street 50
open till 23:00
pet stuff is on the ground floor

Veterinary clinics

Alden Clinic
Estonskaya 90
tel: 442 3111
Pestelya 15
tel: 238 0397
Grishka 4
tel: 575 4016
Gaytsana 6
tel:254 3956
pet stuff shop

Fauna Service clinic
Saksaganskovo 44g
phone: 289 7744
Shop and Pharmacy
phone: 428 0314

Pechersk Vet Station (state)
Kikvidze 34B
285 9537

Veterinary Station (state)
Volynska 12
243 7239

Airport vet inspection
Boryspol Airport, Terminal B, second floor
open 24 hours a day
phone: 281 7393

Pet market
Frunze Street 172
Works 09:00-17:00. Best come on Saturday and Sunday, the market is closed on Monday


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