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There are three metro lanes in Kiev, trams, buses, trolleybuses and our favourite minibuses - marshrutkas. Traffic gets bad between 16.00 - 19.00 on workdays so it's better to use metro.

Metro fare is 50 kopecks, changing lanes is free. There are prepaid monthly cards available for either just one kind of transport (e.g. metro) or for all kinds (metro+bus+tram+trolleybus).
The yellow minibuses racing all over Kiev are called Marshrutkas (Marshutnie taxi). They can be stopped pretty much anywhere and they have a good network covering all areas of the city. The fare is between 75 kopecks to 2 UAH.
Trams, buses and trolleybuses work just like everywhere else. It is good to always have some small change and notes as, given the prices, you can't possibly want to pay with a hundred UAH bill.


Kiev metro operates from 6 am till 12 pm, the fare is 50 kopecks. Tickets can be purchased at the stations and are valid for changing lanes.

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In Kiev you don't need to rely only on official taxis. Just stretch your hand out at any car as lots of drivers will give you a ride if it's on their way.
Most taxis don't use taxameter and they will try to rip you off especially at night, in the city center and of course because you're a foreigner.
If you need a decent car and a check, call Autosvit. They use the meter, give you a check and send new Opels. Order in advance, it often happens that they say they don't have a car available in your area if you call at last moment.
Prices differ, in the city center pay from 10 to 15 UAH for a ride, 20 UAH at night. For longer journeys call a cab, they're cheaper.
To get to Boryspol Airport expect to pay from 70 to 100 UAH.



234 4444

Express Taxi
239 1515

Grand Taxi
237 3000

Swift Taxi
459 0439

Taxi Blues
295 1444


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